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8 dangerous things drivers admit to doing behind the wheel

Distracted driving is no joke, it has become a leading cause of accidents in recent years. But it’s not only texting, yelling at the kids, changing radio stations, singing along to a favorite song and munching on a Big Mac that are to blame. Drivers also admit to doing some pretty bizarre (and dangerous) things that take their attention off the road.

A survey conducted for Erie Insurance in Erie, Penn. found some motorists admitting to some truly indefensible activities behind the wheel, including that new scourge of Western Civilization, taking selfies with their cell phones.

In all the study found that 42 percent of all drivers admit to engaging in distracted driving behaviors, with 20 percent sheepishly admitting to such activities only when they’re alone in the vehicle.

Here’s a few of the oddest activities the motorists queried admitted to performing in traffic.

  1. Romantic encounter/PDA: 15 percent.
  2. Combing/styling hair: 15 percent.
  3. Changing clothes: 9 percent.
  4. Putting on make-up: 8 Percent.
  5. Brushing/flossing teeth: 4 percent.
  6. Taking selfies: 4 percent.
  7. Changing drivers: 3 percent.
  8. Going to the bathroom: 3 percent.

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